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Fire and Smoke Damage Orlando

After a fire ravages your household, you can call our fire damage restoration Orlando techs at 911 Restoration of Salt Lake City and our experts will begin same day services to get your home cleared of any trace of water.

Technician In Fire Damage Removal Gear At A Residential Job SiteThe fire damage Orlando team wants you to know that we are here to set you up on a path for a fresh start. Owner Tomas Lelczak wants homeowners to know that “there is no need to fret. 911 Restoration is here, ready to make things right in your home and your mind.”

You can get a response from our our fire damage restoration Orlando professionals no matter what time you call our office, because we know how important it is to get in touch with a helpful voice when something of this magnitude happens in your home or business. Our entire fire damage restoration Orlando operation is licensed, bonded and insured to to provide you with all types of fire damage restoration restoration services.

Our phone lines are available 24/7/365, including all holidays, because our team understands that water emergencies can occur any time, and our fire damage restoration Orlando staff wants to be there to help you. If you need water removed from the fire hoses, smoke elimination, or paint restoration, you can count on us to be able to start you on a renewed path.

You can trust that our fire damage restoration Orlando staff works around the clock to keep you safe from any fire related disaster that may be affecting your building or household. Our professionals understand how the water from the fire hoses can cause damage in your property, which is why it is so important it is to get to your home quickly, especially since lingering moisture can cause structural damage and mold growth.

Our fire damage restoration Orlando agents have been trained in all the latest fire damage remediation techniques, so you rely on us to get your property restored in a short period of time. When you hire us for a job we want you to know that we have access to IICRC certified technicians, so you can be sure that you are getting the most capable hands in the industry to provide you with services, such as:

  • Removal of tar residue
  • Ash cleanup
  • Restoration of charred flooring
  • Elimination of burnt possessions
  • Smoke stain removal
  • Complete comprehensive home repair
  • Water damage restoration
  • Fire extinguishing chemical remediation
  • Deodorization and smoke removal

Since our office never close, you have access to our fire damage restoration Orlando staff literally any time, day or night, to ask any questions and schedule an appointment with us. The fastest service will always be the best, so you can depend on the fire damage Orlando team to be at your door at your earliest convenience and with same day service. 

So, let our fire damage restoration Orlando technicians provide you with a free inspection of your home or business and call us today!

We Recommend Prevention Before Remediation

When our fire damage restoration Orlando team arrives at your home you can immediately breathe a sigh of relief knowing that you now have the most capable hands on the job, ready to implement the most state-of-the-art fire and smoke remediation techniques.

Damage In Kitchen After A Grease Fire

Customer service is a huge priority to our fire damage restoration Orlando staff, and our technicians will do everything we can to make you feel at ease when we explain what fire damage restoration work needs to be done.


Our fire damage restoration Orlando agents are licensed, bonded and insured to use powerful cleaning agents and machinery to get rid of all traces of smoke and ash.

We know how overwhelming the smell can be after a fire has taken place, so our fire damage restoration Orlando pros also take great efforts to deodorize the property. We also will remove stains from smoke and ash, as well as helping you decide which items need to be permanently removed from your household.

Fire damage can be avoided if business and homeowners reduce the risk of fire by following some great advice from our restoration team. Our fire damage restoration Orlando pros also want to make sure you are safe at all times, and by helping you safeguard your home against fire then we can sleep at night knowing that we have done our job.

First of all, we want you to test your smoke alarms every month and replace them as needed. This is the simplest and best way to keep you and your family safe at all hours of the day and night. 

Doing small things like this will keep your home from catching fire. Additionally, having a fire extinguisher handy at home, means that you can stop a big fire by extinguishing it while it just a little flame.

  • Keep flammable materials away from potential fire hot spots, such as the kitchen or space heaters.
  • Unplugged electronics will cut your electric bill, and things with no power have no chance at combusting.
  • Check the vents from your dryer to ensure lint and dust is not trapped. The heat from your dryer can ignite it.
  • Finally, check the insulation of your wiring to ensure no exposed wires are sticking out. Throw away any worn out cords.

Furthermore, our fire damage restoration Orlando staff wants you to take the time out of your day to draft a fire escape plan, so that in the event of a fire you can make it out safe.

Our fire damage restoration Orlando team wants to make sure that your home or business is safe and free of all traces of fire and smoke. Which is why our specialists want to assist you in all aspects of the home renovation process, so call our fire damage restoration Orlando pros and we will do whatever we can to give you a fresh start!

Fast on Your Feet After a Fire: Our Fresh Start Promise

Our customers are always the top priority, and our fire damage restoration Orlando team will do whatever it takes to prove our dedication to you and your home, which includes keeping you safe at all costs.

Smoke and Fire Damage Restoration Trucks At HeadquartersOur fire damage restoration Orlando staff wants homeowners to know that if you let fire damage stay stagnate in the home then it can result in permanent damages and deterioration of your possessions and the home itself. 

Our technicians want to keep everyone living in your home protected against experiencing the health issues that fungus can bring with it, so our fire damage restoration Orlando agents always works fast when they are called to a job.

On top of eradicating mold, our fire damage restoration Orlando specialists will also assist you with figuring out the financial side of the process. Our pros want you to rest assured that we always offer affordable prices on all of our services.

Our fire damage restoration Orlando professionals understand the community’s need for reliable and capable service, both on the restoration side and on the customer service end. When you hire our team for a job, our staff will treat you and your home as their number one priority, handling everything from fire damage extraction to insurance claims.

Our fire damage restoration Orlando technicians have great relationships with insurance companies , which enables us to do all the work for you when it comes to your claim. Our fire damage restoration Orlando specialists will submit the paperwork and handle all of the follow up in order to keep your out of pocket expenses low, and if your insurance company won’t comply, our pros always keep our prices low.

On top of offering you the best prices in town, we also want to keep you safe from experiencing a fire. Per our advice, an Orlando customer can attest to how pivotal a smoke detector was after a small fire occurred in his home. He was doing some spring cleaning, and left a pile of things he was going to throw away in his living room. That same night he fell asleep while watching television and the cigarette he was smoking was by his stand—still lit.

The ash got onto his pile, and set it on fire. It was not a big fire; actually, it was a smoldering fire. The materials did not burst; instead, they produced a lot of smoke, which set off his detectors. Thankfully, he was able to wake up and put the fire out with his fire extinguisher. Nonetheless, he still required the services of our fire damage restoration pros, because smoke stains imprinted onto his ceiling.

The reason being, is that smoke carries tiny ash particles that become deposited into surfaces. As a result they cause discoloration and a smokey odor. When he called our fire damage Orlando team, we were there within the hour. The team came equipped with wet vacuums and sanitizing chemicals to penetrate deep into his ceiling and suck the ash right out.

The best part is that he was insured for accidental fires, so his homeowner’s insurance company covered the cost of the entire restoration effort. Call our fire damage restoration Orlando crews at 911 Restoration of Ontario when you experience a fire in your family home and our fire damage restoration Orlando unit will be there to offer you a fresh start today!

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