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Water Damage Leesburg

Water damage is a typical disaster in Leesburg, Florida due to rain that leaks through roofs and harms inner building materials, so our water damage Orlando company is available 24/7 and our water damage Leesburg crew will respond within 45 minutes of your emergency call. 911 Restoration offers same day service for any water incident, from toilet overflow to a washer burst. We have over 35 years of experience in drying and clean up of gray water and black water, so we know how to quickly return your property to normal. Call our water damage Leesburg experts for any of the following:

  • Water removal
  • Sewage Backup Cleanup
  • Disaster Restoration
  • Reconstruction
  • Mold Removal
  • Odor Control
  • Sanitation

We use the latest drying technology for each of these water damage restoration services in order to be fast and thorough. Our water extractions, mold removal, and all disaster restoration services are top notch because we are the best water damage company. We will handle your sewage problems, insurance paperwork, and all other elements. Call our water damage Leesburg professionals when your home floods.

Who do I Call for Water Damage in Leesburg?

Call our water damage Leesburg representatives when your home is the victim of storms or water line issues. We always put the customer first, so we will walk you through how to turn off your water line and other safety tips. We value professionalism, so 911 Restoration Orlando makes sure you get all necessary help in a timely manner. Our water damage Leesburg specialists suggest you follow these steps if you find moisture in your home:

  • Call 911 Restoration
  • Shut down your water line
  • Contact your insurance company
  • Evacuate the area

By calling 911 Restoration Leesburg immediately, you ensure less stress and costs to your water damage restoration services. We know that water damage can cause hardships in multiple areas of your life, physically through E. Coli summoned by category 3 returning water, emotionally through the loss of your home and valuables, and finically when replacing the loss. Luckily, our water damage Leesburg technicians can help you with all of these. We wear full hazmat suits when dealing with black water and respiratory gear when working on mold decontamination. We support you throughout the ordeal to limit the emotional burdens. By working with all insurance companies, we provide the best chance to save get the job covered. Call our water damage Leesburg staff and we will file your homeowner’s insurance company to get you the most from your coverage.

Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Water Damage?

Homeowner’s insurance covers water damage Leesburg services on well-maintained houses with preventative measures in place. We suggest you keep your rain gutters free of leaves and debris so that rain has an easy route off your roof during the many tropical storms we get here in Leesburg, Florida. Also, make sure your downspouts are aligned away from your home so that moisture does not collect around the foundation. Florida is in the top three states for water damage insurance losses, so it is important that you always keep your home in tiptop shape. You can also switch to an A-frame roof to encourage rain sloping off your property. There are many steps you can take to protect your home, and if all else fails, call our water damage Leesburg personnel for the best water cleanup and we will work directly with your insurance company to restore your property at a price within your budget.

What is the Best Water Damage Company in Leesburg?

911 Restoration is the best water damage Leesburg company because we know how to save your home from the worst disasters, and do it all with a focus on the customer. Leesburg, Florida is a city divided by lakes. Lake Denham severs the Leesburg in two, and Lake Harris, Lake Griffin, and the Dead River surround the northern portion, while Clearwater Lake, Hampton Prairie, and many other smaller waterways pocket the southern end. All of this water leads to a hefty amount of evaporation, which turns into major storms. When those storms take a toll on your home, call our water damage Leesburg operatives for a fresh start!

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