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Mold in Orlando Heat – How Is It Possible?

Published by SEO on September 27, 2021 in category: Mold Removal

mold in orlandoIt’s true that mold doesn’t grow in extreme temperatures. In fact, high temperatures can kill mold. However, the extreme temperature here refers to the temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit and above. At that temperature, it’s not the only mold that will have difficulty surviving. All living beings, including humans, can experience life-threatening changes to the body in extreme heat.

While Orlando’s weather is considered to be warm, it’s not hot enough to kill mold. The weather in Orlando is perfect for mold growth. But it doesn’t mean that you should relocate. Mold can grow anywhere where it can find suitable conditions. Instead of constantly removing mold from your home, understand what makes it grow so you can inhibit mold growth no matter where you live.

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What Makes Mold Grow in Orlando?

Mold spores free float in the air. They are too small to be seen with the naked eye and move around freely between indoor and outdoor spaces. Though they can land anywhere, they look for damp surfaces.

Mold growth is dependent on two factors only, and those two factors are moisture and air. A steady supply of air and moisture can turn any place into an ideal habitat for mold. They can grow on various things such as wood, cardboard, tiles, walls, ceilings, insulation sheets, carpets, and fabric upholstery.

The list of where mold can grow is significantly longer than where it cannot grow. The only surfaces that repel mold growth are plastic, glass, and metal. However, if these surfaces have a layer of an organic product for protection or shine, mold can use it and grow through it on these materials.

Once mold finds a suitable surface with access to air, it can start growing there. The ideal temperature for mold growth is 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit, which is very close to the average temperature of Orlando, i.e., 50-80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Due to its location close to an ocean, the city experiences a high humidity level throughout the year. The daily average humidity percentage of Orlando is about 74%. While humidity isn’t a direct factor contributing to mold growth, it increases moisture in the air and on various surfaces.

High humidity stops any water from evaporating into the air, making any leaks or standing water intact. Moreover, high humidity can also cause moisture to accumulate in nooks and crannies that are not regularly cleaned and turn them into ideal mold habitats. Combined with the ideal temperature, high humidity in Orlando can provide plenty of places for mold to grow.

Should You Be Concerned About Mold Growth?

The extent to which mold can grow in Orlando can make it seem unavoidable and not that big of a deal. However, mold growth should be a top concern for all Orlando residents.

Mold can cause damage to whatever surface it grows on in your home. It can cause structural damage to your home if it grows on the wallpaper, wall paint, drywall, insulation sheets, tiles, floorboards, or carpet. It can also grow on and spread through leaking water pipes within the home’s structure. It can also reach and grow on ceilings and spread to other parts of the house through the HVAC system.

Mold weakens any object it grows on. It eats it away, leaving only a crumble behind. This property of mold makes it extremely dangerous. It enables unchecked mold growth able to destroy a home from the inside out and cause it to collapse.

Moreover, mold growth also leads to mold exposure. While mold spores are always present in the outside air and everyone gets exposed, the low concentration in the outside air doesn’t make it harmful. However, if mold is allowed to grow inside a home, the concentration of mold spores in the limited air inside can grow drastically.

Inhaling a high concentration of mold can cause severe health concerns. Immuno-compromised people are at a high of experience mold exposure symptoms. These people include children, elders, and anyone who is already dealing with a sickness.

Mild symptoms of mold exposure include skin rashes, wheezing, and a stuffy nose. Continuous mold exposure can also cause sore throat, dry cough, and red and itchy eyes. It can also make certain people develop mold allergies, which can come with several new symptoms.

People can also experience worsened symptoms of sinusitis and asthma. Mold exposure to patients with sinusitis and asthma can severely impact their lungs. In some instances, they can experience shortness of breath which can also prove to be fatal.

For all the adverse effects of mold on home and health, it is imperative to take mold growth seriously and to stop it wherever detected. A few steps that greatly help keep spaces mold-free are a regular, thorough cleaning, regular maintenance of structural features, and regularly running a dehumidifier.

If you continue to find mold growth in your home despite ensuring all preventative measures, seeking professional help from a restoration company can help. Many restoration services, such as the 911 Restoration of Orlando, provide thorough mold removal services and restoration services for properties experiencing mold damage.

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