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Protecting Your Business From Hurricane Damage

Published by 911 Restoration Orlando on August 29, 2023 in category: Disaster Recovery

Hurricanes pose a particular set of challenges to businesses, beyond the general risk to buildings and homes. Businesses not only have to worry about structural damage but also the implications of potential operational downtime and loss of critical information. At 911 Restoration of Orlando, we understand the unique needs businesses have in such emergencies and are geared to offer specialized services to help you get back up and running as soon as possible.

Preparing Your Business Premises

Structural Checks

Before hurricane season hits, it’s crucial to perform a thorough inspection of your business premises. Ensure that the building complies with local and state codes for wind resistance and flood protection. Check the roof, windows, and walls for any weaknesses that might give way under the pressure of hurricane winds and water.

Important Upgrades

Consider installing hurricane-resistant features such as impact-resistant windows and doors, and reinforced roofing. Drainage systems should be optimized to handle heavy rainfall, which is common during hurricanes. These upgrades can significantly mitigate the amount of damage your business may sustain.

Documenting and Backing Up Important InformationWater Damage Property Restoration

What to Document

Before a hurricane approaches, make sure to document the state of your premises and inventory. Detailed records and photographs can prove invaluable when filing insurance claims or assessing damage post-hurricane.

Cloud Storage and Physical Backups

Keep copies of important business documents such as contracts, insurance policies, and employee records, both in a secure physical location and in cloud storage. This ensures that critical information can be accessed from anywhere, which is vital if the physical copies are destroyed or inaccessible due to the hurricane.

Employee Safety Plans

Creating and Communicating Plans

The safety of your employees should be the foremost concern. Develop a comprehensive safety plan that includes evacuation routes, emergency contacts, and meeting points. Make sure this plan is well-communicated to all employees well in advance of hurricane season. Conduct regular drills to ensure everyone knows what to do and where to go in case of an emergency.


The unique challenges that businesses face during hurricanes require specific preparedness strategies. At 911 Restoration of Orlando, our IICRC-certified team offers tailored services that go beyond structural repair, helping businesses navigate the complex issues around data recovery, insurance claims, and operational continuity. We understand that great communication is critical during such a stressful emergency. Trust us to be your partner in weathering the storm and ensuring the quickest possible return to normal operations.

If your business is in need of pre-hurricane assessments or post-hurricane restoration, don’t hesitate to contact us at (321) 209-6388 for specialized assistance.

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