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5 Ways Kids Can Stay More Active At Home

Published by SEO on November 19, 2015 in category: Current Event

It is becoming that time of year where the weather changes, making most of us want to bundle up and keep warm inside. This can lead to natural inactivity, which can end up catching up to you as the cold months go on. Kids are especially affected by this, since they aren’t able to work off all the extra energy they build up throughout the day. Most of the time they default to playing video games, watching television or using computers, smartphones and tablets. In order to combat this cabin fever, there are ways to stay active while inside the home. Making even the most basic things into a game is a great trick to getting your kids excited about moving around.

911 Restoration wants to help keep your kid’s heart rate up and their blood pumping, even if it means sticking around the house for the most part. Below are 5 of the easiest, and most effective ways, to keep your children active all year long.

Exercise is for The Dogs

Not only will your kids grow bored around the house, but so will your furry friends. Getting them to play together is a win-win. Facilitating a tug-of-war between your child and the family dog is a great way to expel energy on both ends. If the weather isn’t too unmanageable, take the dog for a walk with your child for at least 20 minutes, encouraging some short sprints along the way.

Have a Stair-ing Contest

I know, we always tell kids to not run up and down the stairs, but you can still utilize them in a safe way that’s fun and beneficial to their health. Propose a stair contest, where they see how many times they can walk up and down the stairs throughout the course of the day. You can even set a goal that results in a prize if they reach it by the end of the week, such as 100 stairs equaling a trip to the movies over the weekend.

Put Them to Work

Sometimes kids can benefit from some good old fashioned hard work. Keeping them busy cleaning the house or doing yard work will whip them into shape in no time. The manual labor will benefit everyone in the household, as well as keep them physically fit. Just don’t forget to reward them in the end for all the help.

Create a Flash Dance Party

If you allow your child to watch television every so often, then are some ways you can “trick” them into exercising while they enjoy their favorite TV show. Start a mini dance party during every commercial segment, making sure not to stop moving until their program comes back on. This can add up to roughly 20 minutes of activity per hour, which is well worth it, especially since it has been proven that short, vigorous bursts of activity are ideal for weight loss.

Get Things Cookin’

Instead of listening to your kids yelling “Is dinner ready, yet?” get them involved in the process. This keeps them on their feet while also engaging them in the dinner prep. Making something that the whole family will enjoy will give them a sense of accomplishment and pride, while also keeping them off their screens.

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