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Mold removal

Published by 911 Restoration Orlando on June 26, 2013 in category: Mold Inspection with tags: , , , ,

Mold is not a subject that comes up very often when people get together for social events. Many people would rather pretend that mold does not exist in their happy little world, and insist their home has no problems with mold.

Wake up people! Mold is not an embarrassing subject. It exists everywhere in some type, level, or form. Nearly every home has areas that provide a warm, moist environment where mold grows and thrives. If a person lives in a house that has a heating and air conditioning system, be assured that home has mold. That nagging cough, sneezing and drippy nose is very likely caused by living in an ordinary home.

If someone wants to improve their overall health, the best step is to assess their home for visible and hidden mold, then take the proper steps for mold removal. One of the most common culprits to produce unending amounts of airborne mold is the homes HVAC system. Mold needs dirt or dust to settle in, then it waits for moisture to wander along and soon after it snags some warm air, and mold is in business. The HVAC system is full of hidden, hard to reach areas that mold thrives in. A professional cleaning of a home’s HVAC system and crawl spaces is recommended for mold removal.

Keep mold away by immediately cleaning up any leaks or standing water and eliminating their source. After a shower, wipe down damp areas with detergent and water and let it dry completely. Running a fan in the shower area will help reduce mold. Clean any areas that routinely collect dust, such as areas under beds and other furniture. Use common sense, clean often, keep up routine maintenance, and watch life improve through a healthier body.


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