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Mold remediation

Published by 911 Restoration Orlando on July 23, 2013 in category: Mold Inspection with tags: , , , , ,

Water damage can happen in your home at any time, and it does not always happen from rain storms or flooding. Water pipes may leak for years before you notice stained walls or weak spots within the drywall. If water cannot drain, it will be absorbed and it can move upward in a wall once an area becomes saturated. This can cause mold to grow in areas you can’t see. Mold also grows in areas that are not well ventilated, such as bathrooms.

Having your residence inspected for mold by a qualified company is important because mold can cause health issues. Mold inspection includes measuring the moisture level in walls and ceilings. An infrared camera may be used to pick up dew points without penetrating existing walls. If a mold inspection shows spore growth, you need to know how to treat and remove it.

If you smell mold, trust your instincts. Mold can live on most surfaces and can spread rapidly in the right environment. Mold removal in the bathroom can usually be accomplished with bleach cleaners. However a mold removal service may be necessary if it is under the floor, behind walls or other areas with difficult access. Mold removal involves killing the bacteria and drying out the affected areas to ensure there are no spores left behind.

Mold removal service may include removing walls to treat and remove the mold. Check your homeowners policy to see if it covers mold removal. If not, a separate Mold Remediation may be covered under a separate rider. If Mold Remediation Services are covered, there may be a limit on total expenses. Once all mold has been removed, a final mold inspection will take place to ensure no areas of moisture are left.


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