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Water Damage Orlando: Fire Sprinklers and Stray Cats – when one sprays, they all do

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Property owners beware of the “building sprayers.” Businesses install fire sprinklers to keep the employees safe in a fire. When that safety measure malfunctions, it can do much more harm than good. Homeowners enjoy the cuddly comfort of kittens. When these bundles of joy turn naughty, your carpets turn nasty. Whether you are looking to add an element of safety to your office, or a companion cat to your humble abode, call water damage Orlando professionals for water removal when spray embeds itself in your dry wall.

Perturbed Pee Pee Pussycats

When your cat is angry or not feeling well, it may be inclined to enlighten you of that fact by turning all corners of your home into its litter box. Young or old, trained or not, sometimes cats find the need to assert their dominance by urinating in the spots you love most. Shoes, backpacks, electronics; if an item is on the floor it is fair game. If your kitty refuses to use the litter box, you should take it to the vet to see if there is a medical issue going on. In the meantime, your house could suffer from a sustained odor and rotting carpets. In order to restore your home once your cat calms down, call in the water damage Orlando specialists for water extractions with the latest drying technology and odor control.

Fire Sprinkler Fail Spray

When flames occur inside a crowded office building, everyone is thankful for the sprinkler system. When those fire sprinklers discharge without cause, everyone hates the system. This emergency results in thousands of dollars worth of damage to electronics and the building’s structure, it can even lead to mold. Luckily, many water damage Orlando companies offer a free inspection to identify the situation before it starts. Always have your appliances checked twice a year to ensure there is no chance of a costly failure. If your business does suffer from such a catastrophic event, call the water damage Orlando operatives as soon as possible, so they can start pumping water out.

All that Sprays

The worst part about both cat spray and fire sprinkler malfunction is that, when one sprays, they all spray.
A fire sprinkler is rigged to flood the entire property incase of a fire. Cats are territorial and will urinate in the same spot as another animal if they smell the scent. From kittens to ruptured houses, from a pipe burst to a fire sprinkler, indoor plumbing and pets threaten every home in Orlando, Florida. If you have a toilet overflow from a sewage backup problem or a faulty water heater, chances are your home will be sprayed with water deep into its inner crevices. The only way to absorb that moisture and prevent mold growth is with the help of water damage Orlando pros who can perform disaster restoration services in the tightest of spaces. Whether its roof leaks, floods from fire sprinklers, or a tinkle trickle from a kitten, you need a company available 24/7 for same day service.

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